Peppermint Everything!

30 Nov


During the holiday season I go crazy over all things peppermint. It’s the only time of the year when chocolates are peppermintized! Chocolates, chocolate milk, coffee, lattes, and uh, more chocolate! I don’t drink coffee or lattes or anything with caffeine actually. I know chocolates have caffeine but not enough to do anything, or so I’ve read.

So when I go shopping at Costco I practically die at the holiday sweets aisle. No, really, I keel over with puppy dog eyes, you know the kind, begging for a home otherwise I’m sleeping in a dark cold alley eyes for the largest tin of Belgium chocolate cookies. Of course, I don’t get it. Instead I bought a 1lb box of Kirkland Peppermint Bark. So good. So good in fact I couldn’t stop eating it yesterday and had the most wonderful tummy ache. Maybe it was aching because I paired it with M&M’s peppermint flavored chocs? I’m terrible, I know. At $2.99/good sized bag who could resist peppermint goodies?

There’s a tin of Ghirardelli chocolate milk mix I haven’t gotten into yet. I think it is because it requires too much effort to make. And again, I’m terrible. My lovely fiance pays enough attention to my ridiculous cravings to have surprised me with a big back of Ghirardelli Peppermint Bark from their store. How sweet, right? Oh, and him too.

I will admit to over dosing on the peppermint so I won’t be getting anymore until next year. Ghirardelli does make a sea salt and caramel that is good too, I only see it during the holidays… 🙂


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