The Pregnant Life: The Beginning

1 Dec

August 2012

The two week wait, also known as the 2WW was insane. I was extremely anxious looking for signs from my body to produce pregnancy symptoms. I definitely got some but then was in denial because I wanted it to work out so bad I didn’t want to get my hopes up. I wanted implantation to happen so bad… And it did! I planned out a pregnancy, ha ha. I tracked my ovulation days perfectly. First time and it was a success. Hubby has excellent swimmers 🙂

Preggo Sticks

I bought three preggo sticks from the Dollar Store. I don’t care what anyone says, they work just as good as the $15+ ones. When I was taking medical assisting classes, we used Dollar Store pregnancy tests to practice urinalysis. All three came back positive. I used the EPT when I was 4-5 days past ovulation. The first Dollar Store stick test result came back faded, 1dpo. Of course I Googled that and read every search result I could. When I read it could be a false positive I was bummed out, I didn’t have hope I guess, but more was expecting “whatever happens will happen.” Next 2 sticks came back dark. And then EPT gave me the +.

When Hubby came home I told him the results were negative, then only to say “surprise, you’re going to be a father!!!” like a jerk. On TV, it’s funny to let someone down only to bring them back way up. Okay, I’m a jerk who thinks she’s funny. 🙂

And so the nine/ten month journey begins. We are so thrilled to be blessed by this little Bear Cub inside of me!



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