The Pregnant Life: Reading to Bear Cub

1 Jan

Reading to your unborn baby is a good way to create a bond. I like the fact Hubby can be a part of this bond as he like most fathers are unable to create the bond a mother and unborn baby have. The voice of the mother is calm and soothing. He isn’t going to understand the words I am reading but rather hear the Nursery Rhymesrhythm of my voice. I think it’s awesome he can recognize my voice. After Bear Cub is here, he will develop listening skills because we will continue reading to him. I’m up for anything that will stimulate his senses and improve brain development. I am really blown away by it. I like reading articles on fetal studies, I’m learning so much. In general, every time Hubby and/or I have a wonder, I Google away. You can never learn enough!

So the book I picked is called “Oh, Baby, the Places You’ll Go! A Book to Be Read in the Utero.” It’s a compilation of Dr. Seuss’ work. Of course, I Googled a good baby book to read and this one came highly recommended. Some reviewers complained about the size saying that it was way too small. I have to disagree. What did they expect, a novel? Oh Baby The Places You'll GoAnyway, I might sound like a nut but I can’t get through this book without crying. When I read the last page I’m sobbing away. I read the book to Hubby on our way home after purchasing it. He teared up, I cried. I had to pause for a few because I couldn’t stop! I’m such a dork, an emotional dork. :’)

The above pictured is a Nursery Rhymes book my two brothers and girlfriend picked out. I like it a lot. I read Old Mother Hubbard then became curious and Googled the poem because uhm, the dog dies! He died because Old Mother Hubbard didn’t have any bones in her cupboard. -_- All of these nursery rhymes have interesting back-stories. I like the book, definitely read it after Bear Cub arrives.



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