Bear Cub’s First Blanket

15 Jan

While browsing an over stock website, I took a look at the kids section for fun – And boy am I glad I did! I found this super adorable blanket. I showed Hubby and it was an instant “buy it!” And so we did.

We both have backgrounds in the aviation industry. I, however, don’t know if I will ever First Blanketreturn to aviation. I used to love being at the airport so much, the people in GA (general aviation), the behind the scenes (sometimes hectic) work, the different aircraft, the blue runway lights, the sunsets, taking my dog to work with me every day, and of course, the smell of jet fuel, mmmm. But all the things that I loved so much about the airport were defeated by the politics of working for small aviation companies. I think it is just working for small companies in general, there is just too much BS drama to deal with. The good people are often scapegoats while the unproductive dramatic workers get away with everything negative. The last two aviation companies proved this to be true, unfortunately. Sometimes I look back and I’m just blown away by it because had they been real companies with real  HR departments and ethics, situations would have turned out much better for everyone who had ever been screwed over.

I guess I’m bitter about it because something I loved was taken away by people who never cared about the GA community the way I did and that’s just too bad. In a way I feel lost career wise because I spent my 20’s at the airport and now, well I just don’t know. We’ll see.

I still love looking up at the sky watching aircraft pass by. And with that, we have this cute blanket. It is Bear Cub’s first blanket, it is what we will bring him home in. I have a big smile on my face, we are very excited!


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