The Pregnant Life: Glucose Screening Blues

17 Jan

Glucose screening next week and I am not excited! Aside from the fact I have to hang out at the testing facility for two to three hours, starving, this involves NEEDLES! I hate getting poked. I’ve been to the testing facility enough for them to know I’m a scary cat, I Ben and Jerry hyperventilate, my palms sweat, and I look like a puppy who’s being left home alone by their owner. Yeah, it ain’t fun in my opinion. I have had so many bad experiences with blood draws and even injections. The facility I go to now are extremely understanding, they talk me down and through it. And to be quite honest, they do a great job so I think I’m just scared of the initial poke and the waiting. Thank goodness for HubbyBear purchasing the iPhone 5 for me (and himself) for Christmas, also taking my netbook with me even though I won’t have the internet (I’m guessing it is true), and of course, snacks/water on hand after the screening since this involves fasting… Oh fasting, I know I’m going to be very hungry. *sad face* I’ll make sure to have a big meal the night before. And off I go to enjoy my ice cream. I’m bad, I know.


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