Beanie & Sock Set

4 Feb

HubbyBear and I were at Motherhood not too long ago looking at maternity pants for me. While I was in the fitting room struggling to change clothes back and forth, he found this I Love Daddybeanie and sock set which he said brought tears to his eyes. I believe it, he’s as emotional as I am when I think of the little miracle growing inside of me. It’s the first baby item that he’s chosen himself. We are going to have Bear Cub wear this home along with his blanket. We still need to choose an actual outfit but probably won’t until we know how big this boy will be. HubbyBear was 14lbs when he was born, I was 6lbs 5oz. Bear Cub’s weight will come from both of us. Our doctor will begin monitoring my weight at 34 weeks and we will go from there as far as what sort of delivery method I will have. I don’t think newborn clothes will fit him since his dad was as heavy as a bowling ball when he made his debut! I don’t mind having a gigantic baby, just wondering about how he will exit my body! 😉


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