Ten Weeks Left

26 Feb

Ten week belly shot. Hubby and I took our dog for a walk. The weather has been super nice, so nice that I was able to don my Nike Dri Fits for our walk. I always feel like such a football player when I have them on (it’s ten weeksbecause of my giant butt and thighs!). I feel as if I can do anything. Maybe I should wear them when I’m ready to give birth, haha. So glad the sun is shining, everyone is happy including our dog. Hubby is doing a great job making sure I walk most days of the week, he’s getting my body ready for the big day. I feel so much better emotionally/mentally when we take our walks. We get to catch up, enjoy the sun, burn calories, and it gets me nice and tired so I sleep better too. I appreciate him so much. He’s also good about making sure I’m eating as good as my body will let me (since I deal with nausea at times) and drinking more than enough fluids. I love our walks. Hard to believe it, two and a half months to go, so excited! It feels like time is flying by but that is always the case when you’re looking back. We are so happy, so far so good. 


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