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Having a Baby: The Bad News… And The Good News

17 Mar

Having a Baby: The Bad News… And the Good News
By Pamela Redmond Satran

The bad news: You gain 30 pounds during pregnancy.
The good news: You lose 22 of that in the course of eight minutes.

The bad news: Labor seems to go on forever.
The good news: At the finish line is the prize of a lifetime!

The bad news: The baby inherited your mother-in-law’s crooked little toe.
The good news: She also inherited your mom’s red hair, your husband’s grin, and your big brown eyes.

The bad news: Months of sleepless nights.
The good news: Napping with impunity.

The bad news: Look terrible in tight pants.
The good news: Look spectacular in tight sweater.

The bad news: Sex drive drops to zero.
The good news: Love drive zooms off the charts.

The bad news: Monster poops.
The good news: Equally gargantuan smiles of relief.

The bad news: Gorgeous baby clothes that get worn only once before they’re outgrown.
The good news: Lots of adorable photographs of baby in an endless parade of outfits.

The bad news: No time for yourself.
The good news: Never lonely.

The bad news: Missing all the great new restaurants, books, and movies.
The good news: The money you save by also missing all the duds.

The bad news: Your life is turned upside down.
The good news: You feel like the luckiest woman in the world.


My Weekends

15 Mar

When someone asks me what I’m doing this weekend, or later, what I did, this picture explains it perfectly. weekend sleeping

Nine Weeks To Go!

5 Mar

Nine weeks to go! Not feeling 100% quite yet. Not really sure when I will feel better. Indigestion and heart burn are the worst symptoms. I’ve felt uncomfortable here and there throughout my pregnancy, I have had aches and pains in places I didn’t know could ache! But these two are incredibly uncomfortable. I don’t like eating. Yes, me of all people, I am afraid to eat! Looking into shakes and medication (I’m anti meds. Only thing I take is my prenatal. Tylenol and Claritin if I’m desperate). I’m just so miserable. I can’t say it enough. I hate burping now. I don’t like the things I used to. The last two weeks have not been fun but I’m still blessed. A couple more months to go!

9 weeks go