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Slow Down

29 Apr

Slow down


Feeling A Little… Big

28 Apr

With only a couple weeks to go, I’m feeling a little blue about what my postpartum body will look like. It’s so stupid, I know. I stand 5′ tall and I’m almost 200lbs. so you can see (maybe) why I’m kind of freaking out. Earlier, I spent a few minutes rummaging through my drawer for larger looser clothes to wear after I have my baby. I don’t think it’ll do much good since I’ll look like I’m about 5-6 months after giving birth. A nurse recently said it took 9 months to put it on and it’ll take 9 months to take it off (healthily, of course).

All of these celebrities having their babies and then looking like they were never pregnant two weeks later doesn’t help. I know they go on crazy diets and have trainers (not to mention nannies while they work out) so no, I will not go on a diet craze, take pills, or work out like a nut job! My biggest fear: a comment that goes something like, “when are you due?” I’m pretty sure I will probably have a break down. Hubby says I’m crazy but he doesn’t have 70lbs to lose. I really do want to lose the weight before we have our next child.

I don’t even care about all of the stretch marks. I have incredibly dark tiger stripes up and down my stomach! It’s not like I was going to wear clothes that showed off my midriff. The only thing that bums me out about the stretch mark is that it touched the tattoo of my dog’s paw prints. I took full consideration of the positioning of the tattoo when I got it. I knew that I will have children someday, that I wanted it up higher so it wouldn’t be affected my stretch marks. Apparently, I didn’t go high enough. -_- We’ll see how bio oil and stretch mark creams work on it. On a positive note, it touched the outline of it.

When I get the okay from the doctor to begin working out, I will make an honest effort to lose the weight. I have plenty of clothes I would love to fit into again. Until then, I’ll just do my best to eat healthy (hopefully I will stop craving Cheetos and chocolate). So here’s to staying as positive as I can be with minimal freak outs!


Carpel Tunnel Syndrome

25 Apr

Boy, do I have some exciting news! Okay, no, not really. For a week now, I have been having terrible shooting pains up and my right arm all the way to my finger tips. Lots of tingling, numbness, and pain. It’s been so bad that I can’t even put on make up, cook/clean, pick up my dog’s water bowl, even. 20130428-010631.jpgWorst of all (as if those weren’t bad enough), I’m losing even more sleep than before. Waking up in the morning is terrible. I can’t shake off the numbness quick enough, sometimes it even takes 10 minutes.

Since I just love to self diagnose myself, I Googled and read away. Carpel Tunnel Syndrome. CTS, folks. It’s no joke. I knew someone who had CTS. He had the surgery done to relieve the pressure from the median nerve. As far as I know, he’s been fine ever since. He suffered a lot until he had it done.

I didn’t get the CTS from repetitive work like a normal person would. I have it because of the swelling that occurs in the body during pregnancy. My wrists, hands, my feeties (especially my right foot!) are pretty swollen. So the swelling in my right wrist has put pressure on my median nerve. Fun! My doctor confirmed CTS. She said a brace would help (which duh, I researched last night). After the appointment, my Hubby took me to Walmart where he bought me a wrist brace made especially for women and CTS. Talk about instant relief. He went to a tennis game for his kids while I stayed home to nap. I must have slept for 2 to 3 hours and uh, my goodness, it felt AMAZING! I slept AND I wasn’t in pain. I couldn’t believe it. 

One of my biggest fears has been this: What if I can’t take care of my baby because my fingers/arm is too numb. That’s just scary especially because it is my right arm that hurts and I plan on exclusively breast feeding. While self diagnosing, I read other pregnant women’s experiences with CTS. Big mistake. I stay away from forums because all it does it feed you incorrect information and freak you out to no end. So yes, I freaked out until I had this incredible nap. I now I have I’m glad to say!