Things I Will Miss About My Pregnancy

7 Jul

I wrote this in the beginning of April. I totally slacked off and never posted this or added more – And trust me there was much more! Here’s just a handful of what I jotted down. Ahhhh, I really miss being preggy! So many wonderful memories and experiences. It truly was a wonderful journey.

Things I Will Miss About My Pregnancy

1). My waddle. I got so used to waddling around, even shuffling like an old person. Around the house you will hear me shuffling in my raccoon slippers. A normal walk just wouldn’t seem very, well, normal.

2). Freedom to eat sweets and all things bad. This one is terrible, I blame it on my cravings and lack of self control. While grocery shopping, I found Cheetos on sale… “Cheetos are on sale! I’m grabbing some!” really loud, embarrassing as there were a lot of people around. I felt like such a fat bear. After our Bear Cub arrives, I told Hubby, please don’t give in to my demands. I hope he doesn’t as I can be scary!

3). My Take-Along-Everywhere-Bear-Cub. Since the moment I found out I was pregnant, I never once felt lonely. Even with Hubby working all the time, and me spending a lot of time alone- I never not once said to myself or felt the emotions of loneliness.

4). Movements in my belly. From the moment I first felt him kick, still even now, there has never been a dull moment. It’s fun balancing objects on my growing belly to watch him kick/punch to move it. Even his hiccups are amazing. There’s a being inside of me who has the hiccups.. And I can feel it!

5). Taking naps and sleeping in. Constantly feeling exhausted, I am ever so grateful to be able to nap and sleep in. One of the many reasons I appreciate my Hubby, giving me the opportunity to stay home and take care of myself (as well as our dog and wife duties). He is a real man, they’re hard to come by these days.


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