CL Find: Vintage Side Table & 2 Drawers

18 Sep

Found these gems on Craig’s List for… Free! I love the vintage two tier side table. I’ve wanted one since I saw a listing not too long ago but was not willing to pay for it. The person who put these out was an artist. The drawers and side table are covered in layers of paint. So we will sand them down, paint, maybe decoupage, and throw on some nice knobs. My head is spinning with endless possibilities. I think we will take this project on a couple months from now. I want to do the side table first. So excited!

Along with these items, I found a few pieces of tiles, granite rocks, new picture frames with matting, vintage wooden tray, and a cork board. Aside from the granite rocks, I have ideas to up-cycle the rest of the items. I see an Etsy account in the near future.

I love CL because you can find what you need for free or pretty darn cheap. I am definitely the creative type, refurbishing furniture and other items seems like it will be a fun hobby. I’m still looking for a book shelf. We have books and other items that need a home. I’d like to find Bear Cub’s books in a neat area rather than rummaging through boxes when we move into our new home. Then again, Dr. Seuss is coffee table material.



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