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Simple Pleasures: Nice Nails, Girl

20 Aug


I’m not a girlish girl. I’m not very girlie at all. It kind of sucks. I usually try new things and usually fail at it. I ruined a pair of socks yesterday to make a donut so I could make a sock bun for my hair. Didn’t work out so well. I’m not very good with using a curling iron, make up, or anything that a woman would do.

I really wish I had a sister growing up. I wouldn’t be so… Me. I don’t even have a girlie best friend to go shopping with and do whatever it is girls do. I surrounded myself with men because they’re so simple and don’t generally judge. This is what I get.

Well, I did my nails and felt very proud. It’s ridiculous really but I feel a sense of achievement. Obviously, this is a simple pleasure.


Image of Love

13 Aug