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Ahhh, Parenthood

8 Jul

I had a baby! Yep, I sure did – In May. I’m just a total slacker. I’ve been lazy about jotting down memories and organizing photos. I’ll just go ahead and blame that on the lack of sleep, and time and well, pure laziness. I had some complications during labor and had to deliver emergency cesarean. That was my first time having surgery other than having my wisdom teeth extracted. As clumsy as I am, I’ve never broken a bone or anything. *Knocks on wood*

So yeah, contractions hurt. A lot. I’ve never experienced such terrible pain in my life. I mean, WOW! I was actually moaning and screaming from the top of my lungs towards the end. The epidural was given later, the doctors wanted to wait and so I just tried to deal with the pain. They administered pain medication via IV which only last 45 minutes. They then gave it to me two more times but it had zero effect. So when the doctors finally gave me the epidural, I felt MUCH better. One thing though, in my Childbirth Preparation class, the instructor said that you don’t really feel the epidural, that it’s just a slight pressure. Um, that was a total lie. I am not ashamed to admit that I yelped out in pain during the procedure. It was a difficult task – Trying to sit still while having mind blowing contractions and crying. Hubby said after the epidural was administered, the charts showed HIGH peaking contractions back to back. Yikes! I guess I got it in time.

The good thing about this is that with my next pregnancy I can have another cesarean which means no contractions and pain. The downside of having a c-section was postpartum recovery. My body was so swollen from all of the IV liquids. I remember trying to pick something up from the floor and feeling the skin stretch on my legs as if they were going to tear apart. It was a little scary. My stomach hurt so much. I was so incredibly sore and exhausted. I didn’t rest much while in the hospital. I was in labor for about 26 hours or so. It was terrible. I don’t have anything other to compare it to but I would want a c-section delivery again. My doctor said a normal birth is absolutely terrible. She pretty much told me not to go that route because I wouldn’t be able to handle it. I think she’s right.
Hubby and mom were there to support me – That’s what got me through it. And the moment the nurse brought my Bear Cub over for a quick glimpse made it all worth it. The rest of the surgery after that took up to 45 minutes to complete. I was so anxious, time went by slow, too slow. I asked the doctor who was watching over me if I could close my eyes and sleep! After surgery, I went into recovery and was able to hold my baby. It was amazing! I was looking at this little ball of fat with incredibly huge eyes looking back at me. I’ll never forget those moments.

Almost 2 months later, Hubby and I have adjusted to parenthood quite well. It was tough at first as expected. Once I accepted that I won’t getting much sleep anymore it got easier and my mood was better. Bear Cub was waking up every 2 hours to feed, it was exhausting. Now it’s a little better. He still mostly gets up every 2 hours but we are used to it now. I really think I lucked out with Hubby. He’s such a good man, husband, and father. He took such good care of me while I was pregnant. Here he is now changing dirty diapers, taking care of feedings, and day/night shifts. He does it all with great enthusiasm. I’m lucky and so is our son. Being a mom gives me such joy. I love my son so much, I can’t even describe with words how I feel about him. He’s such a good baby, he only cries when he’s hungry or needs a changing. Watching him grow and develop is so amazing. We are so blessed. I am so blessed. I finally have my own family.



Things I Will Miss About My Pregnancy

7 Jul

I wrote this in the beginning of April. I totally slacked off and never posted this or added more – And trust me there was much more! Here’s just a handful of what I jotted down. Ahhhh, I really miss being preggy! So many wonderful memories and experiences. It truly was a wonderful journey.

Things I Will Miss About My Pregnancy

1). My waddle. I got so used to waddling around, even shuffling like an old person. Around the house you will hear me shuffling in my raccoon slippers. A normal walk just wouldn’t seem very, well, normal.

2). Freedom to eat sweets and all things bad. This one is terrible, I blame it on my cravings and lack of self control. While grocery shopping, I found Cheetos on sale… “Cheetos are on sale! I’m grabbing some!” really loud, embarrassing as there were a lot of people around. I felt like such a fat bear. After our Bear Cub arrives, I told Hubby, please don’t give in to my demands. I hope he doesn’t as I can be scary!

3). My Take-Along-Everywhere-Bear-Cub. Since the moment I found out I was pregnant, I never once felt lonely. Even with Hubby working all the time, and me spending a lot of time alone- I never not once said to myself or felt the emotions of loneliness.

4). Movements in my belly. From the moment I first felt him kick, still even now, there has never been a dull moment. It’s fun balancing objects on my growing belly to watch him kick/punch to move it. Even his hiccups are amazing. There’s a being inside of me who has the hiccups.. And I can feel it!

5). Taking naps and sleeping in. Constantly feeling exhausted, I am ever so grateful to be able to nap and sleep in. One of the many reasons I appreciate my Hubby, giving me the opportunity to stay home and take care of myself (as well as our dog and wife duties). He is a real man, they’re hard to come by these days.

Mother’s Day

13 May


Feeling A Little… Big

28 Apr

With only a couple weeks to go, I’m feeling a little blue about what my postpartum body will look like. It’s so stupid, I know. I stand 5′ tall and I’m almost 200lbs. so you can see (maybe) why I’m kind of freaking out. Earlier, I spent a few minutes rummaging through my drawer for larger looser clothes to wear after I have my baby. I don’t think it’ll do much good since I’ll look like I’m about 5-6 months after giving birth. A nurse recently said it took 9 months to put it on and it’ll take 9 months to take it off (healthily, of course).

All of these celebrities having their babies and then looking like they were never pregnant two weeks later doesn’t help. I know they go on crazy diets and have trainers (not to mention nannies while they work out) so no, I will not go on a diet craze, take pills, or work out like a nut job! My biggest fear: a comment that goes something like, “when are you due?” I’m pretty sure I will probably have a break down. Hubby says I’m crazy but he doesn’t have 70lbs to lose. I really do want to lose the weight before we have our next child.

I don’t even care about all of the stretch marks. I have incredibly dark tiger stripes up and down my stomach! It’s not like I was going to wear clothes that showed off my midriff. The only thing that bums me out about the stretch mark is that it touched the tattoo of my dog’s paw prints. I took full consideration of the positioning of the tattoo when I got it. I knew that I will have children someday, that I wanted it up higher so it wouldn’t be affected my stretch marks. Apparently, I didn’t go high enough. -_- We’ll see how bio oil and stretch mark creams work on it. On a positive note, it touched the outline of it.

When I get the okay from the doctor to begin working out, I will make an honest effort to lose the weight. I have plenty of clothes I would love to fit into again. Until then, I’ll just do my best to eat healthy (hopefully I will stop craving Cheetos and chocolate). So here’s to staying as positive as I can be with minimal freak outs!


Carpel Tunnel Syndrome

25 Apr

Boy, do I have some exciting news! Okay, no, not really. For a week now, I have been having terrible shooting pains up and my right arm all the way to my finger tips. Lots of tingling, numbness, and pain. It’s been so bad that I can’t even put on make up, cook/clean, pick up my dog’s water bowl, even. 20130428-010631.jpgWorst of all (as if those weren’t bad enough), I’m losing even more sleep than before. Waking up in the morning is terrible. I can’t shake off the numbness quick enough, sometimes it even takes 10 minutes.

Since I just love to self diagnose myself, I Googled and read away. Carpel Tunnel Syndrome. CTS, folks. It’s no joke. I knew someone who had CTS. He had the surgery done to relieve the pressure from the median nerve. As far as I know, he’s been fine ever since. He suffered a lot until he had it done.

I didn’t get the CTS from repetitive work like a normal person would. I have it because of the swelling that occurs in the body during pregnancy. My wrists, hands, my feeties (especially my right foot!) are pretty swollen. So the swelling in my right wrist has put pressure on my median nerve. Fun! My doctor confirmed CTS. She said a brace would help (which duh, I researched last night). After the appointment, my Hubby took me to Walmart where he bought me a wrist brace made especially for women and CTS. Talk about instant relief. He went to a tennis game for his kids while I stayed home to nap. I must have slept for 2 to 3 hours and uh, my goodness, it felt AMAZING! I slept AND I wasn’t in pain. I couldn’t believe it. 

One of my biggest fears has been this: What if I can’t take care of my baby because my fingers/arm is too numb. That’s just scary especially because it is my right arm that hurts and I plan on exclusively breast feeding. While self diagnosing, I read other pregnant women’s experiences with CTS. Big mistake. I stay away from forums because all it does it feed you incorrect information and freak you out to no end. So yes, I freaked out until I had this incredible nap. I now I have I’m glad to say!

Having a Baby: The Bad News… And The Good News

17 Mar

Having a Baby: The Bad News… And the Good News
By Pamela Redmond Satran

The bad news: You gain 30 pounds during pregnancy.
The good news: You lose 22 of that in the course of eight minutes.

The bad news: Labor seems to go on forever.
The good news: At the finish line is the prize of a lifetime!

The bad news: The baby inherited your mother-in-law’s crooked little toe.
The good news: She also inherited your mom’s red hair, your husband’s grin, and your big brown eyes.

The bad news: Months of sleepless nights.
The good news: Napping with impunity.

The bad news: Look terrible in tight pants.
The good news: Look spectacular in tight sweater.

The bad news: Sex drive drops to zero.
The good news: Love drive zooms off the charts.

The bad news: Monster poops.
The good news: Equally gargantuan smiles of relief.

The bad news: Gorgeous baby clothes that get worn only once before they’re outgrown.
The good news: Lots of adorable photographs of baby in an endless parade of outfits.

The bad news: No time for yourself.
The good news: Never lonely.

The bad news: Missing all the great new restaurants, books, and movies.
The good news: The money you save by also missing all the duds.

The bad news: Your life is turned upside down.
The good news: You feel like the luckiest woman in the world.

My Weekends

15 Mar

When someone asks me what I’m doing this weekend, or later, what I did, this picture explains it perfectly. weekend sleeping