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CL Find: Vintage Side Table & 2 Drawers

18 Sep

Found these gems on Craig’s List for… Free! I love the vintage two tier side table. I’ve wanted one since I saw a listing not too long ago but was not willing to pay for it. The person who put these out was an artist. The drawers and side table are covered in layers of paint. So we will sand them down, paint, maybe decoupage, and throw on some nice knobs. My head is spinning with endless possibilities. I think we will take this project on a couple months from now. I want to do the side table first. So excited!

Along with these items, I found a few pieces of tiles, granite rocks, new picture frames with matting, vintage wooden tray, and a cork board. Aside from the granite rocks, I have ideas to up-cycle the rest of the items. I see an Etsy account in the near future.

I love CL because you can find what you need for free or pretty darn cheap. I am definitely the creative type, refurbishing furniture and other items seems like it will be a fun hobby. I’m still looking for a book shelf. We have books and other items that need a home. I’d like to find Bear Cub’s books in a neat area rather than rummaging through boxes when we move into our new home. Then again, Dr. Seuss is coffee table material.



Craig’s List Ikea Side Table Lamp

18 Sep

Well it looks like Hubby and I will be moving soon. We were planning on saving as much as we could and move to the valley but it is extremely difficult living with my family. It’s just a toxic environment. I’ll get into that some other time.

Anyway, I love Craig’s List. I’ve found some really great stuff on there, including pets and jobs. I have been looking for lamps for our new place. Look what I found, it’s so pretty! The gal took good care of the lamp. It is in new condition. A new lamp would have cost $15. I paid $5 cash. I also purchased a white side table from her for $5. Awesome finds, very pleased.


White side table from Ikea

White table lamp from Ikea

Ikea Lamp

The Cat in the Hat

9 Feb

We bought a new book to read to Bear Cub. Is it weird that I have never read The Cat in the Hat until now at the age of twenty… Nine. Holy cow, I’m 29 years old, this is the first time I’m saying it aloud, errr, in my head. Anyway, I’m just now reading this when I know The Cat in the Hatothers did when they were much younger. Sometimes I feel like I’m either way behind the times or just didn’t have a normal “American” cultured upbringing. It’s a cute book but all I could think was “this cat is so naughty!”

I read a fetal psychology report a couple months ago that was so intriguing. It talked about fetal alertness, movement, taste, hearing, vision, learning, and personality. I had an idea from other articles I had read but this really put it into perspective for me. Plus, it was published in Psychology Today so it has to mean something, ha ha. For Fetal Learning, it talked about how the fetus prefers a book to be read repeatedly rather than a new book introduced after birth. I think I mentioned this before but the book parents chose to read to their unborn baby is The Cat in the Hat. Here are the other books we have at the moment. I play a lot of classical music and read as often as I can because I think it will make a difference.

Beanie & Sock Set

4 Feb

HubbyBear and I were at Motherhood not too long ago looking at maternity pants for me. While I was in the fitting room struggling to change clothes back and forth, he found this I Love Daddybeanie and sock set which he said brought tears to his eyes. I believe it, he’s as emotional as I am when I think of the little miracle growing inside of me. It’s the first baby item that he’s chosen himself. We are going to have Bear Cub wear this home along with his blanket. We still need to choose an actual outfit but probably won’t until we know how big this boy will be. HubbyBear was 14lbs when he was born, I was 6lbs 5oz. Bear Cub’s weight will come from both of us. Our doctor will begin monitoring my weight at 34 weeks and we will go from there as far as what sort of delivery method I will have. I don’t think newborn clothes will fit him since his dad was as heavy as a bowling ball when he made his debut! I don’t mind having a gigantic baby, just wondering about how he will exit my body! 😉

Bear Cub’s First Blanket

15 Jan

While browsing an over stock website, I took a look at the kids section for fun – And boy am I glad I did! I found this super adorable blanket. I showed Hubby and it was an instant “buy it!” And so we did.

We both have backgrounds in the aviation industry. I, however, don’t know if I will ever First Blanketreturn to aviation. I used to love being at the airport so much, the people in GA (general aviation), the behind the scenes (sometimes hectic) work, the different aircraft, the blue runway lights, the sunsets, taking my dog to work with me every day, and of course, the smell of jet fuel, mmmm. But all the things that I loved so much about the airport were defeated by the politics of working for small aviation companies. I think it is just working for small companies in general, there is just too much BS drama to deal with. The good people are often scapegoats while the unproductive dramatic workers get away with everything negative. The last two aviation companies proved this to be true, unfortunately. Sometimes I look back and I’m just blown away by it because had they been real companies with real  HR departments and ethics, situations would have turned out much better for everyone who had ever been screwed over.

I guess I’m bitter about it because something I loved was taken away by people who never cared about the GA community the way I did and that’s just too bad. In a way I feel lost career wise because I spent my 20’s at the airport and now, well I just don’t know. We’ll see.

I still love looking up at the sky watching aircraft pass by. And with that, we have this cute blanket. It is Bear Cub’s first blanket, it is what we will bring him home in. I have a big smile on my face, we are very excited!

The Pregnant Life: Reading to Bear Cub

1 Jan

Reading to your unborn baby is a good way to create a bond. I like the fact Hubby can be a part of this bond as he like most fathers are unable to create the bond a mother and unborn baby have. The voice of the mother is calm and soothing. He isn’t going to understand the words I am reading but rather hear the Nursery Rhymesrhythm of my voice. I think it’s awesome he can recognize my voice. After Bear Cub is here, he will develop listening skills because we will continue reading to him. I’m up for anything that will stimulate his senses and improve brain development. I am really blown away by it. I like reading articles on fetal studies, I’m learning so much. In general, every time Hubby and/or I have a wonder, I Google away. You can never learn enough!

So the book I picked is called “Oh, Baby, the Places You’ll Go! A Book to Be Read in the Utero.” It’s a compilation of Dr. Seuss’ work. Of course, I Googled a good baby book to read and this one came highly recommended. Some reviewers complained about the size saying that it was way too small. I have to disagree. What did they expect, a novel? Oh Baby The Places You'll GoAnyway, I might sound like a nut but I can’t get through this book without crying. When I read the last page I’m sobbing away. I read the book to Hubby on our way home after purchasing it. He teared up, I cried. I had to pause for a few because I couldn’t stop! I’m such a dork, an emotional dork. :’)

The above pictured is a Nursery Rhymes book my two brothers and girlfriend picked out. I like it a lot. I read Old Mother Hubbard then became curious and Googled the poem because uhm, the dog dies! He died because Old Mother Hubbard didn’t have any bones in her cupboard. -_- All of these nursery rhymes have interesting back-stories. I like the book, definitely read it after Bear Cub arrives.


Peppermint Everything!

30 Nov


During the holiday season I go crazy over all things peppermint. It’s the only time of the year when chocolates are peppermintized! Chocolates, chocolate milk, coffee, lattes, and uh, more chocolate! I don’t drink coffee or lattes or anything with caffeine actually. I know chocolates have caffeine but not enough to do anything, or so I’ve read.

So when I go shopping at Costco I practically die at the holiday sweets aisle. No, really, I keel over with puppy dog eyes, you know the kind, begging for a home otherwise I’m sleeping in a dark cold alley eyes for the largest tin of Belgium chocolate cookies. Of course, I don’t get it. Instead I bought a 1lb box of Kirkland Peppermint Bark. So good. So good in fact I couldn’t stop eating it yesterday and had the most wonderful tummy ache. Maybe it was aching because I paired it with M&M’s peppermint flavored chocs? I’m terrible, I know. At $2.99/good sized bag who could resist peppermint goodies?

There’s a tin of Ghirardelli chocolate milk mix I haven’t gotten into yet. I think it is because it requires too much effort to make. And again, I’m terrible. My lovely fiance pays enough attention to my ridiculous cravings to have surprised me with a big back of Ghirardelli Peppermint Bark from their store. How sweet, right? Oh, and him too.

I will admit to over dosing on the peppermint so I won’t be getting anymore until next year. Ghirardelli does make a sea salt and caramel that is good too, I only see it during the holidays… 🙂